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GibChat Messenger


GibChat is designed to be fun, fast, sleek and secure, but best of all free, with no annoying ads... Ever! Meaning that it not only runs faster and more securely, but it also it helps your battery last longer. Features:Free Forever!No AdsSuper FastSaves BatteryHighly SecureData EncryptionSync Across All Your DevicesSend Messages, Photos, Videos and any file type (doc, zip, mp3, mp4, rar and many more etc.) up to 1.5GB's each.You can create massive groups, and send message blasts out to almost 200 people in one go.
Please try not to spam your friends too much though. We provide the feature, but we can't hold any responsibility for what you do with it, or any consequences you may suffer as a result.
You can also locate contacts through your regular phone book and their telephone numbers.
We here at GibsonFX hope you enjoy our new application and if you have any questions or if you are interested in getting us to design you an application idea of your own, message us at